User Experience

Seattle based UX designer.
Design is the key to making a difference in our experiences and inspiring action.

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Wide skill set

Constant Progress

We are lucky to be in a world where innovation happens every hour. I work everyday to improve myself and my surroundings.

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Moving up

Website Design

My standard line of work is web based. If you need web work done, feel free to contact me with questions.

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Hot Tub

Human at Heart

There is much more to me than UX design. Experience my interests by reading my blog.

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UX Design is the focus of my work.

Aspiring to learn the nature of Human Computer Interactions. I study the field of user interaction. I make informed decisions that lead to graphics and mock-ups which are of high quality. Starting young, I began developing my skill and knowledge in graphic design and web development. Since then, I have worked on numerous projects ranging from personal designs to assisting educational research.
I strive for a deep and thorough understanding of modern design principles.

With a wide range of experiences in the design and research.

I've worked on projects across industry. From freelance to professional role at startups, I've engineered solutions to a wide range of clients.

Skills include
  • Web and product design
  • User research and testing
  • Social media outreach

Unviersity of Washington class of 2012
Living and working in the greater Seattle Area.


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Phone : (425)-686-8641

See anything here you like, feel free to ask for the source files. Most photography comes with RAW. I can provide PSDs for the logos. If you questions or comments, please contact me for more information.