Christopher Nguyen

UX Designer & Web Developer

Continually learning the nature of Human Computer Interactions. I study the field of user interaction and experience. I make informed decisions that lead to graphics and mock-ups which are of high quality. Today I am skilled designer and web developer. Working on numerous projects ranging from personal designs to assisting educational research. I strive for a deep and thorough understanding of modern design principles.

Edifecs Redesign Part 2 - Web

Main corporate website redesign and rebuild was being worked in on in parallel with internal branding changes. The premise was similar to the internal updates. With continued growth in the industry and general progression of technology, the main corporate website needed to be overhauled to reflect the times.

Edifecs Redesign Part 1 - Internal

As part of the Edifecs rebrand in 2013, most internal and external systems received updates. Part 1 of this endeavor was to enhance many internal systems, such as the company’s SharePoint Intranet. The company felt that with the fact the company was rapidly growing, overall enhancements internally were needed to help employees and solidify the brand.


WhatIRun asks employees, partners, customers, friends, and other women to join a conversation. To share what you run. Women are powerful. And most only see snippets or catch a glimpse into all what we manage and drive on a daily basis. The campaign partners with Ryka shoes, a women specific shoe brand.